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Set at the end of Season 9/beginning of Season 10, during the critical time of Ori invasion. Not much is known about our enemy, except that they must be stopped. The fate of the whole galaxy depends on it. The callsign SGB-HQ refers to Stargate Beta Site Head Quarters, a fairly extensive multi-purpose serving as SGC's secondary off-world facility. Most of the base is underground, with quarters for engineers, scientists, base guards, medics, etc., and teams travelling through the stargate on away missions. Recently, Beta Site has received an influx of new personnel who are undergoing orientation, and the 304 class carrier HMS Nelson has arrived in the system having completed a shakedown cruise from Earth. The base sends out teams, with callsigns like SGB-1, SGB-2, etc., on away missions through its Stargate to search for allies and technologies to use in the fight against the Ori...

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