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Last-Update: 2014/08/08
Planet: Faleu
Database Name: P3X-912
Location: On the Far Edge of the Fenris Galaxy
Base Established: August 1st 2011
Base Completion Date: August 21st 2011

Faleu (P3X-912), is a planet located on the far side of the Fenris Galaxy. It would take nearly two months in hyperspace from earth to reach Faleu, along with needing an 8th chevron to connect a worm hole. Which would cost a Zero Point Module that Earth or Atlantis could not spare for now.

The Castle it self-portrays a medieval style construction seen in the 1100's of Britain past. The Castle's northern wall is pressed up against a Cliff that blocks out the ocean, partially built into the Cliff is an internal compound similar to Atlantis's architecture only one fourth's its size. The Eastern wall allows access to the 304's landing pad while the Western wall give's access to the small F-302 Hanger/Runway. The southern wall has the main entrance to the Castle walls, allowing you access to the Well among several other sections of the castle grounds.

The Internal Cliff Compound or (ICC) houses the Stargate, the only entrance to the ICC is through the keep's entrance. Inside the ICC houses what seems to be similar to Atlantis style labs. The only difference between the ICC and Atlantis is that the ICC Is about 1/10th it's size in comparison. The ICC is open to several unknown and unstudied ancient systems granting scientists months of fun.

Water from the ocean is brought up through an underwater cave allowing the Castle/ICC to use it as a cooling system among being used for several other things. Alongside the underwater ocean water is also a fresh water pit used for applications such as drinking water and other useful sorts.

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Stargate Faleu faleu.rpgs-r.us/index.php/main/index 1407516863.png Welcome to Faleu a long forgotten planet on the far side of the Fenris Galaxy. Are you looking for a chance to Walk through the gate? Study ancient technology? Work on a BC-304? Well we have it all here on Faleu... Play by Nova

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